Working out, specifically weight training, can be a very challenging and confusing experience for beginners. Even intermediate or advanced gym enthusiasts can have negative outcomes when things are done incorrectly or when stuck in training plateau's. 

Everyone's bodies are different and similarly, the way they adapt to external resistance or type of exercise. I tell people who work with me, "training program's are like finger prints, no two should be the exact same." It takes knowing what works best for your body with where it's at and applying an appropriate protocol of resistance training designed for specific goals. This becomes the best medium to achieving results.

So with all this information out there on how to lose inches or gain size and so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know what’s most effective for you. That's why I approach each weight training program taking into account your: current level of experience, your goals and expectations, as well as your level of commitment to carefully craft successful workouts. Weight training is vital for the vast majority of health related goals. I am here to help you not only reach your fitness goals, but also enjoy the process of getting there through encouragement and enjoyment. When you’re successful, I am too!


Training packages

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Transformation Package

Do you want to reach a level of fitness that empowers an active lifestyle? Is increasing your longevity and quality of life important but you're not sure how to get there? Well, if you’re looking to lose unwanted inches and Body Fat, increase strength and energy, create a healthier nutritional program, improve medical screenings and lower your risk of chronic illness and disease – then this is the program for you!

Transforming your life takes more than going to the gym! It involves many areas outside of your workouts: daily habit changes, meal planning and prepping, and finding ways to increase your daily movement and activity as part of a busy schedule. If you are looking for accountability, guidance and support that allows you to stay on track and move forward in a safe and highly effective way, this is the program for you.

The Transformation Program includes:

  • Health and Fitness Assessment / Evaluation Screening
  • Proper Goal Setting
  • Weekly and Bi-monthly Body Fat and/or Circumference Measurement Tracking
  • Weekly Fitness Progress Reports / Workout Calendar
  • Exercise and Cardiovascular Homework
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Meal Plans
  • Before and After pictures
  • Email Access
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The Plateau Buster Package

Have you been in and out of the gym for months or years, but feel you’ve reached a plateau and are no longer getting the results you want? Are you finding it difficult to trim down on your body-fat percentage while trying to gain size or maintain your current lean mass? If you’re looking to develop a solid foundation of strength, or a better nutrition and training system that allows you to break out of your rut and reach new goals, this is the package for you.

This program requires focus and effort in the gym, as well as in the kitchen. We’ll work hard to find the right mix of training and nutrition to help you see improved results and achieve new goals. With the right tools and systems, you can chisel away at unwanted inches and pounds and build strength and muscle. 

The Plateau Buster Program includes:

  • Health and Fitness Assessment / Evaluation Screening
  • Proper Goal Setting
  • Weekly and Bi-monthly Body Fat and Circumference Measurement Tracking
  • Weekly Fitness Progress Reports / Workout Calendar
  • Custom Strength/Size and H.I.I.T. Cardiovascular Programming
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Meal Plans
  • Before and After pictures
  • Email Access
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Athlete Performance Package

Do you want to become a better athlete? Improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury for competitive or recreational sports leagues? Maybe you're training for a bike ride, marathon or triathlon? Whatever your event or goal, I have designed specific regimens to improve endurance, speed and power and enhance your training and athletic performance.

Whether you’re looking to improve your performance on the court, the playing field or the road, this is the program for recreational athletes who want better results. We’ll customize programs geared to your specific sport, as well as work on strength, mobility and flexibility to decrease pain and injury.

The Athlete Program includes:

  • Health and Fitness Assessment / Evaluation Screening
  • Proper Goal Setting
  • Weekly and Bi-monthly Body Fat and Circumference Measurement Tracking
  • Weekly Fitness / Performance Progress Reports, Workout Calendar
  • Custom Programming for Strength, Performance and Conditioning
  • Performance Specific Nutritional Coaching for events and training days
  • Meal Plans
  • Before and After pictures (if necessary)
  • Email Access
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In the words of others

"Sean has far exceeded my expectations. His experience, education and down to earth nature has made losing weight exciting. I've worked with other personal trainers, all with varying opinions on nutrition and workout regime. Sean is the only one who has been able to allow me to feel satisfied with my food and work out and I am shedding!" — Michelle S. (Female / late 30's)

"With Sean's guidance I am realizing my goal is to lose weight (100lbs so far), & improve my strength & flexibility. Sean's knowledge of nutrition, recognition of other factors besides "the food" & support have been amazing insights. His gentle attention to form & movement have brought a new awareness to my body with a strength & flexibility I never imagined I could have. I continue to work with him on my own fitness journey & encourage others to invite him to yours!" Linda H. (female / early 60's)

"As soon as you spend five minutes with Sean, you can't help but appreciate the breadth of knowledge he brings to training. I felt that he listened to what my goals and was able to read between the lines for a great workout. He also provided me suggestions on how I can take certain exercises home with me to work on. Thanks Sean!" — Kate K. (Female / mid 20's)

"I worked out fairly regularly on my own and I was in decent shape. In just under three months with Sean, I've made huge progress on cardio, strength and lowering my body fat. Sean covers everything you need to be successful. Whatever your goals are, and he makes sure you are happy with everything along the way. Previously I had pretty much constant shoulder pain which is now mostly gone thanks to strengthening my back and shoulders. Sean makes sure he knows what you're looking for and puts together a plan to get you there. He truly cares about your progress and celebrates all achievements as if they are his own. He's stuck with me now and I can't wait to see my progress and strength continue to grow.” — Emily D. (Female / mid 30's)

“After being in constant pain for the last eight years I am finally rid of my knee pain and that has totally changed my life. Sean did what the doctors, physical therapists and everyone else failed to do. I feel strong and healthy for the first time in years!” — Jason M. (Male / early 40's)

“You gave me a completely new outlook on healthy eating and exercise. I’m down 15 pounds and have muscle tone that I never knew could exist. I am thrilled with my body and have more confidence than I’ve had in years. I will be forever grateful and will continue to practice what you taught me!” — Devon L. (Female / late 20's)

"Sean delivers the perfect balance of disciplined training and encouraging support during the session. His extensive knowledge of proper alignment and workout structure are only superseded by his uniquely approachable personality." — Alex S. (Male / early 40's)

"Working out with Sean two times a week and following his meal and workout plan was a HUGE boost to our normal routines and the results have been amazing. We definitely recommend anyone looking for a trainer who knows what they're doing to get in touch with him.” — Aaron Z. (male / early 30's)

“Although I was working out multiple times a week, I wasn’t getting the kind of results I wanted. Since I’ve been working with Sean, I’ve made good progress with overall strength, core strength and balance. Sean really puts thought into planning each session and is continually introducing new routines. More than anything else, Sean makes you feel like he truly cares about you and your progress.” — Dirk H. (Male / late 50's)

"Not only does Sean build workouts specific to your body type, he also works on your nutrition for you and really helps you stay on track with positive encouragement and energy. If you are looking for a trainer and you want to see results, you will not be disappointed. Sean is the man - what are you waiting for!?” — Erin Z. (Female / early 30's)