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Through realistic fitness, nutrition & lifestyle habits. 

Sean Ferguson |  Informed Movement


Men Who Journeyed Inward to Accomplish 
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Informed Movement
Informed Movement
Informed Movement
Informed Movement

“As one of the industry's leading Men's Health & Transformation Specialist's, I am passionate about helping my clients break through the survivalist mentality and barriers so that they can discover what real transformation & sustainable fitness looks and feel like."  

- Sean Ferguson - Founder

A very common theme I've encountered throughout my 16 year career among my clients, friends and yes, even myself at times, is that at one point or another we've made the path of  our personal growth or fitness journey harder than it had to be.... by trying to go it alone.


A lot of men have been raised and wired to believe that the route to success is by way of rugged individualism or that achievement can ONLY be done on your own which leads to walking the path of personal growth alone.


As we hit our 40s,  we begin to realize that these former survivalist strategies may not be truly serving our betterment. Instead, they're getting in the way. At this stage in life, we begin to redefine our version of what success really means. The vision we have for our lives has evolved from when we were in our 20's. This shift begins to unveil the way we are treating our bodies via how we eat, how we move and why and how those things matter. There's a little more awareness of how all those little unconscious lifestyle habits might be the very things that are derailing or stifling our progress with our fitness, nutrition and health goals.


Whether you’re a career-driven dad hoping to redefine your fitness or an ex-athlete looking to optimize your training, I’m here to help you honor your reality and use it to create a sustainable path forward.


Together, we’ll create a customized plan to help you lose weight safely and progressively, as we strategically remove the personal barriers standing in your way.


That leaner, fitter body you want, that bulletproof strength, that optimal wellness you desire, and the confidence you’re seeking is one conversation away, and all you have to do is take that first step.


So schedule that call with me and together, we’ll create a training and fitness lifestyle plan that's evolved to match this chapter of your life, and provide the energy, power, and clarity you need to experience the peak expression of your health and wellness potential.



An experienced brand you can trust!

All the benefits you need to be successful.


My online service's deliver more than just a workout plan or nutrition advice. They provide fully tailored programs and coaching equipped with ongoing guidance, accountability and support.

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