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"My mission is to help the modern, 40+ man embrace and explore the inner cave of personal growth as fuel for physical transformation."

- Sean Ferguson- Founder

David L.jpeg
25% -> 10% BF
"Sean's coaching with simple nutrition and exercise adjustments were a game changer for my results & routine."

- David, 40 years old.

Heading 2

28% -> 13% BF
"Establishing a new lifestyle including my nutrition and exercise, has given me a whole new mindset."

- Mike, 42 years old
Informed Movement
Informed Movement
25.5% -> 12.5% BF
"I'm a numbers guy so I loved being able to track all the data while following a simple plan."

- Steve, 36 years old
Informed Movement

Sean helped me get to my original goal of 185 lbs. We are now aiming for new aesthetic and fitness goals thanks to his ongoing support and encouragement.”
- Stephen L. (down 17 lbs)

In the words of others…

“Although I was working out multiple times a week, I wasn’t getting the kind of results I wanted. Since I’ve been working with Sean, I’ve made good progress with overall strength, core strength and balance. Sean really puts thought into planning each session and is continually introducing new routines. More than anything else, Sean makes you feel like he truly cares about you and your progress.
— Dirk H. (Late 50's)
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