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Informed Movement

The Online Transformation
MENtorship Program

The most complete Online Transformation program for men near or over 40 who are stuck and frustrated and want to take back control over their health and fitness goals.

Informed Movement


“Purpose, patience and persistence; these are the keys in helping you develop the right mindset and to keep you on the path toward achieving your goals.”

What we help you achieve…

Aesthetic (physique) Goals: 

When it comes to achieving your desired look there are two main directions to go; lean and fit or building muscle and size. Right from the start of your transformation journey, Sean will ensure that your program is set up to help you achieve the look and vision you're going for.

Interpreting your physique goals:

"Lean & Fit" - What I’ve found with most people I’ve worked with who are approaching or are over 40 is that their idea of a healthy physique is more about being, “fit.” So when it comes to looking “fit” it’s about leaning out (losing unwanted inches) and 'feeling fit' to be able to perform and play at this stage in life. So if taking your shirt off and feeling confident around others and being able to partake in recreational and/or family activities without thinking twice is your idea of success we'll have you covered.  


Muscular (emphasis on size) - As a former bodybuilder and over 20 years of experience designing strength and size programs; if adding size and lean mass is what you're going for then Sean will guide you with exactly what and how to increase lean muscle and strength more efficiently than you ever have. 

Sean Ferguson | Informed Movement
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Healthy Brunch

A Healthier & Realistic Lifestyle with Nutrition



Whether you want to improve your relationship with food or you simply want to start feeling and looking better and improve your wellness, Sean’s nutrition program is aimed to help you to take back control over your nutrition. 


Having worked with hundreds of people for nearly two decades, Sean understands the many factors that contribute to poor health via food and the demands of a busy work/life schedule. Not to mention the confusion and frustration that comes with where and how to start.

Your transformation journey with us will help you overcome the most challenging area for all health conscious enthusiasts; nutrition. With Sean’s extensive personal and professional background in nutrition he takes great care and pride in the services provided to help you finally take back control of daily food intake AND show you how you can lose weight WHILE enjoying the foods you love. 

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Your Own, Unique Fitness Lifestyle:

It’s one thing to get to your results, it’s another to keep them. Our programs are designed for longevity and part of that is learning how to build a “fitness lifestyle” around the way you want to look and feel.  


Besides accomplishing the kind of physique that will have you feeling proud when you stand  in front of the mirror; we also take great pride in helping you overcome self-sabotaging habits while reinventing a personalized fitness lifestyle that includes  your favorite activities with an easy to approach and sustainable  routine.

Sean Ferguson | Informed Movement

Sean’s 6-pillar approach to Transformation

Here's how we help you succeed in all the main areas of health and fitness:

6 Pillars | Informed Movement


How well rested you are each day is crucial not only to your overall wellness but can greatly impact your results. We show you how to set up a realistic evening routine so you can optimize your sleep



“You can’t out-train a bad diet.” Sean’s approach and strategies toward nutrition and weight loss is aimed at eliminating the frustration, confusion and unique challenges we face with food.

6 Pillars | Informed Movement
6 Pillars | Informed Movement


With more than 16 years of professional strength and fitness program design, you can rest assured the workouts Sean provides are geared toward efficiency and satisfaction.


Daily Steps (Movement):

As they say, “movement is medicine,” and in today’s world people are moving less and less. A huge part of your success is your daily movement. We’ll set you up on a progressive daily and weekly step goal plan.

6 Pillars | Informed Movement
6 Pillars | Informed Movement

Daily Hydration:

Daily water intake plays a vital role in overall wellness and is just as important when it comes to your weight loss journey. Just like with steps, Sean will help you set realistic water intake goals and help you stay on track each day and week.


Stress Management:

From hormone regulation, blood pressure, mood and overall well being; there are many benefits you can experience when you manage your stress levels throughout each week. Sean's program puts an emphasis on recognizing and implementing easy to follow strategies to help lower daily stress levels. 

6 Pillars | Informed Movement
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Expert Led Training Program:

Backed by over 16 years of professional program design, Sean’s specialty is in creating the exact workouts you will need to help you reach your goals efficiently while meeting you at your starting point. Every workout has been carefully planned with expert exercise tutorials.   

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A Closer Look...

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Customizable Nutrition Plan:

 The biggest challenge when it comes to losing weight is nutrition. What Sean teaches is a realistic, macro-based approach to food as well as the lifestyle you want to have with it. Yes, you will still be able to enjoy your favorite foods and meals with flexibility to accommodate your busy work/life schedule. Say goodbye to restrictive, boring diets. 


When you have someone to check-in with and celebrate your progress when it comes to reaching your goals, it's priceless. A great leader is someone who knows how to keep you on track without feeling overwhelmed. Sean’s program is packed with personalized accountability including  bi-weekly and monthly check-ins and coaching calls.

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1:1 MENtorship / Coaching:

 What truly separates Sean’s online transformation program from other “coaches” and trainers out there is his invaluable fitness lifestyle coaching and weight-loss consulting. Sean has a deep passion for helping people reach their full potential with their health and fitness. We want your success to last well beyond this program.

Proper Goal Setting:

Everything you will achieve or be successful with comes down to setting appropriate goals based on what you bring into the program as well as what you hope to get out of it. We will help you go deeper to discover your why which will serve as a powerful source of inspiration through the inevitable challenging days or weeks.

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Complete Progress Tracking:

 Common feedback that many clients have expressed to me is that the ultimate motivator when it comes to losing weight is results. The data that you will be provided with every day and week will help you see and track your progress in a multitude of areas including your workouts and weight loss. Information is powerful and we make sure you’ll know how to leverage it.

24/7 Support:

Downloading a workout app or following a YouTuber means you won’t have anyone you can contact or connect with in case you need help or assistance. There’s peace of mind when you sign up with one of Sean’s online transformation programs because we are always here for you because we care about your success.

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